《302edu发布》江苏省扬州中学2019届高三下学期4月质量检测 英语 Word版含答案
《302edu发布》江苏省扬州中学2019届高三下学期4月质量检测 英语 Word版含答案第1页



1---5 CCBAC 6---10 BBBAC 11---15 BCABC 16---20 BCAAC


21---25 DCCBA 26---30 DACCA 31---35 CBCDB


36---40 AADCC 41---45 BBDAB

46---50 DBCAD 51---55 DAACB


56---57 DC 58---60 DCA

61---64 AADB 65---70 DDCBAB


71. likely 72. rush/hurry 73 feelings/preference

74. equipped 75. assessing/evaluating

76. ignoring/overlooking/neglecting 77. confirmed

78. compensate 79. transferred/moved 80. lay/pay



  China's birth rate has been dropping rapidly since one child policy was adopted. Likewise, our new population policy can't meet the demand of the rising aging population problem. Our new generations are facing great challenges.

  The reasons accounting for the phenomena above are listed as follows. To start with, from the aspect of personal factors, the childbearing age of women has been delayed plus reluctant desire of giving birth to children, which surely contributes to less population. What's more, from another side of our society, the world's birth rate has been dropping in general, and China is not an exception. Last but not least, though we have new family planning policy, it doesn't work immediately, and we have a long way to go.

From my perspective, firstly, effective measures should be taken by our administration. We should pass relative laws and regulations to encourage