PEP六年级上册英语《Unit3 My weekend plan》练习试卷20
PEP六年级上册英语《Unit3 My weekend plan》练习试卷20第1页


一. 汉译英,英译汉。

nature park look for 看一场电影

comic book 明天 今夜

不得不 洗衣服 去野炊

堆雪人 去超市 做家庭作业

画画 晚上 玩儿得开心

evening storybook 下周

词典 lesson take a trip

太空旅行 一半价格 lots of

在周二 在周日下午

二. 翻译下列句子。

1. Mike id going to see a film.

2. What are you going to do tomorrow?

3. I'm going to have an art lesson.

4. I have to do my homework.

5. Where are you going?

6. My cousin Jack is going to visit me next week.

7. When are you going?

8. Tomorrow is Mid-Autumn Festival.

9. My family are going to get together and have a big dinner.

10. F is for family. We will all be together tonight.

三. 单项选择。

1. ( )What mike going to do?

  A. am B. is C. are

  2. ( ) Is he going to take a bus to school?

   A. Yes, he is. B. Yes, she is. C. Yes, he isn't.

  3. ( ) My parents are going to a film.

   A. look B. watch C. see

  4. ( ) What are you going this morning?

   A. to do B. to C. do

  5. ( ) She will to visit her grandparents.

   A. to B. go C. going

  6. ( ) I want to some leaves.

   A. see B. look for C. look at

  7. ( ) are you going? We are going to the cinema.

   A. Where B. When C. How

  8. ( ) Why not go Tuesday?

   A. in B. on C. at

  9. ( ) I would like to buy two .

   A. dictionary B. dictionarys C.dictionaries

  10. ( ) what can I do for you?

   A. Yes, I want a book. B. I want a book. C. You can't.

  11. ( ) my family going to get together.

   A. is B. are C. am

12. ( ) what are you going to do Mid-Autumn Festival.