《302edu发布》江苏省江都中学、华罗庚中学等13校2019届高三上学期12月联合调研测试 英语 Word版含答案(含听力)
《302edu发布》江苏省江都中学、华罗庚中学等13校2019届高三上学期12月联合调研测试 英语  Word版含答案(含听力)第1页








1. What is in the study?

 A. A thief. B. A rat. C. A dog.

2. What's the probable relationship between the man and Mary?

 A. Father and daughter. B. Friends. C. husband and wife.

3. What might the man dress up like for the coming Halloween?

 A. A ghost. B. A skeleton. C. A witch.

4. What does the woman mean?

 A. The man is not fully recovered yet.B. The man can leave the hospital now.

 C. She is not certain about the man's condition.

5. What will the woman do later probably?

 A. Watch TV. B. Go shopping. C. Go to work.




6. Who is the woman probably?

 A. A firewoman. B. A hotel receptionist. C. A mechanic.

7. What do we know about the man?

 A. He is still okay for the situation.B. He is asked to push the "Open" button for a try.

 C. His wife is completely freaked out.


8. Why does the woman want to go to a church?

 A. She wants to do some research.B. She is religious.C. She wants to kill time.

9. What can we learn from the conversation?

 A. The church is on the east end of the Ivy Street.B. The man's brother is a priest.

 C. The speakers are colleagues.


10 Where are the speakers probably?

 A. At a cafe. B. At the man's home. C. At a shopping mall.

11. What do we know about Benny?

A. He is the woman's son. B. He will fly to London next Friday.