【302edu解析】河南省豫西名校2018-2019学年高一上学期第一次联考英语试题 Word版含解析
【302edu解析】河南省豫西名校2018-2019学年高一上学期第一次联考英语试题 Word版含解析第1页








Eye Health Care


  Healthy habits mean healthy eyes. Here are some daily tips for eye health.

  ◆P Clean your eyes with pure cold water regularly. This is one of the best ways to keep eyes healthy and disease free.

  ◆Avoid looking directly at the sun

  ◆Roll your eyes up and down, then side to side. Then move your eyes in a circular motion(圆周运动) Exercise5tol0 times a day to relax your eyes

  ◆ Keep a good distance from the computer screen-sit about 22-28 inches away from it.

  ◆Visit your eye doctor on a regular basis

  There are also some tips for healthy contact lens(隐形眼镜)wear and care to help prevent eye infections (感染). Please visit CDCS healthy contact lenses website and you can also follow them on social media(www.cdc.goy/contactlenses).

1. _____is not good for your eyes

A. Eating vegetables B. Wearing sunglasses

C. Wearing contact lens D. Looking at the sun directly

2. How to relax your eyes according to the tips?

A. Clean eyes with pure cold water B. Look at the sun directly

C. Make eye movements D. Wear contact lens