《302edu发布》江苏省扬州中学2019届高三上学期12月月考试题 英语 Word版含答案(含听力)
《302edu发布》江苏省扬州中学2019届高三上学期12月月考试题 英语 Word版含答案(含听力)第1页



  1-5 ABCBA 6-10 BCACA 11-15 ACBCA 16-20 CBCAB


  21-25 BADAA 26-30 ACDBC 31-35 CBCBB


  36-40:BDABA 41-45:ACDDC 46-50:BBBAC 51-55:CABDA






71. equally 72. improve/increase 73. evaluating 74. thinking 75. choice

76. whether 77. combine 78. contributes/leads 79. Conclusion 80. how


  The report tells the upcoming reform of the College Entrance Examination, including new ways to improve the examination and enrollment system and separate exams for some subjects according to different kinds of education.

  Having read the news, I am filled with great joy. The measures to be taken will better the prevailing system, the most widely acknowledged system of choosing talents. Apart from the scores, other standards will be established so that colleges and universities will focus on students' individuality and overall qualities.

  Among these proposals, I prefer the one that multiple exams each year should be carried out for some subjects. As we all know, once a student performs badly in the College Entrance Examination for some reasons, he may lose the chance to continue his study at college. Therefore, multiple tests makes up for this.

  As far as I'm concerned, on the one hand, we can't deny the role the present system plays. For example, many people couldn't have changed their fate but for it. On the other hand, caring the score too much brings about many people with high scores and low abilities. So some proper reform is needed.


Text 1

W: Excuse me. This is the address. How do I find it?

M: Right. You'll need a street map. Here's one, and I'll show you where it is.

Text 2

W: Oh my! My car broke down, and I have to meet my aunt at the railway station before noon.

M: You're lucky. I can drop you off on my way.

Text 3

W: Did you hear that Mr. Peterson is coming next week, Gordon?

M: Yes, so I called all the department heads to my office this morning. We need to give him reports on our program.

Text 4