《302edu发布》山西大学附属中学2019届高三上学期11月月考试题 英语 Word版含答案
《302edu发布》山西大学附属中学2019届高三上学期11月月考试题 英语 Word版含答案第1页



1-3:DBC 4-7: AACC 8-11: BCAB 12-15: BCAD 16-20: BEDFG


21-25 DCDAB 26-30 DDDAC 31-35 DABAC 36-40 DCAAC


41. which 42. competition 43. biggest 44. as 45. Founded

46. selling 47. creative 48. enables 49. it 50. has offered


1. I与 brought 之间加was 2. what --- that/which 3. have --- having

4. feel --- felt 5. Beside --- Besides 6. much --- more

7. easy --- easily 8. And --- But 9. 去掉of 10. a --- an/the


  The smog has occurred many times recently. It has done great harm to our daily life. The smog is caused for various reasons. The increase of cars in the city plays an important role. The cars send off a lot of poisonous gases, which adds to air pollution. On the other hand, many factories emit a great deal of wasted air and some construction sites produce dust, which are responsible for smog to a large degree. Owing to smog, more traffic crashes happen; more people have to go to see the doctor; a great number of people have to stay at home for fear of the poisonous air...

  People have realized the bad effects caused by smog and decided to take a series of measures to reduce the smog weather. First, the government suggests people go to work or school with public transport. Second, the factories and the construction sites that ignore the environmental protection must be severely punished. Third, air monitor should be strengthened to lower the levels of small particulate pollutants. If all the people work together, the smog weather will vanish completely and the environment will get better and better.