【302edu解析】湖南省五市十校教研教改共同体2018-2019学年高一上学期12月联考英语试题 Word版含解析
【302edu解析】湖南省五市十校教研教改共同体2018-2019学年高一上学期12月联考英语试题 Word版含解析第3页


W: What kind of music do you like?

M: I like music that I can sing along with. What about you?

W: I prefer music that has great lyrics.





6. Where does the woman want to go?

A. The nearest hospital. B. The supermarket, C. The nearest subway station

7. How long does it take to go to the destination on foot?

A. Five minutes B. Ten minutes C. Twenty minutes

【答案】6. C 7. B


W: Excuse me, could you show me the way to the nearest subway station?

M: Of course. Go straight down this road. Take the second turning on your right. Then you will see a big supermarket on the left. The station is just next to it.

W: Is it far from here?

M: No, not really. It's just ten minutes' walk.

W: That's very kind of you.






8. What happened to the man?

A. He bought a chicken farm B. He failed in business C. He sold his market garden.